FAQ ::
1. What is pashmina? Is it the same as cashmere and shahtoosh ?
Pashmina is a term applied to the wool, and products made from the wool, derived from the undercoat of the Capra hircus goat, a domestic breed raised primarily at high elevations in Asia. Wool from the same goats, but of a higher quality (a couple of microns thinner, in general) has been used to produce "pashmina" in Nepal.

Shahtoosh, on the other hand, is a fiber derived from the undercoat of an endangered Tibetan antelope, and is illegal in most Western countries. It is much more expensive than pashmina.

2. What does the 70% Pashmina - 30% silk mean ?
The original Pashmina is a mix of 70% Pashmina wool and 30% silk. True 100% Pashmina is palpably lighter and a little warmer than silk blends, however, they are not as strong as the 70/30 and they lack the sheen and the elegant drape of the silk.

3. What is a Single Ply, Double Ply, 2 Paddle, 4 Paddle ?
Single Strand of wool is used to make regular Pashmina silk blend Pashmina: thus Single Ply, 2 Strands of Pashmina yarn is used making a double ply. Double Ply contains more Pashmina than single ply. 2 Paddle and 4 Paddled Pashmina are for 100% Pashmina. 2 Paddle is looser weave, while 4 paddle is a tighter weave.
4. Are your Pashmina`s hand loomed or machine loomed ?
All our Pashmina are individually hand loomed by Nepalise craftspeople. Each Pashmina, after being created are colored individually by hand. Beware of traders selling machine loomed pashmina as the far superior hand loomed variety.
5. Who weaves and dyes the Pashminas ?
Our Pashmina are hand-crafted in Nepal. Every winter pashmina wool is sheared from the mountain goats and washed and graded. The wool is spun into yarn. Silk yarn and Pashmina yarn are hand-woven in wooden frames, the ends are cut and ready to be dyed. After dyeing, fringes are knotted and the Pashmina are dry cleaned for final packaging.
6. Why is your Pashminas available at such a low price ?
Since we are direct manufacturers, no commission, no middleman importers and no retail profits are involved.
7. What is your refund policy ?
If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, we will gladly offer you an exchange or a refund for the full cost of the product on your own consignment cost, provided the products are unworn and unmarked.

If your question is not answered here, please email us at info@qualitypashmina.comand will try to answer your query .